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Store your precious data and process it in on place. Manage research client requests, track samples, protect your investment.

Trusted for Compliance

Our software is used by licensed laboratories for ISO and BCC compliance testing operations. They trust it and so should you!

Happy Users

Your clients need you to stay licensed. Our software helps you comply.


LIMStori provides superior tools for security and integrity of laboratory data.

Our Application

LIMStori is the best ground-up LIMS made for cannabis testing laboratories in California and beyond.

Licensing Options

We offer different licensing options, as well as on-premise or off-site alternatives.


We work with you to customize our software for your laboratory testing operation.


We offer free training for cannabis testing laboratory management using LIMStori.

Your Brand

We can help you design and build your branding into the COAs that your clients receive. Our client portal module will make your business stand out, giving your customers a more memorable experience.

Sampling Mobile App

We offer a sampling module add-on that allows you to begin sample intake at the sampling site. The app provides powerful tools such as BCC-based representative sample calculator and tracking barcode generator.

Top Performance

Our superior security and traceability tools make our software robust and more than trustworthy for regulatory compliance purposes. Yet, it is innovative approaches such as our COA generation and data package extraction features that set LIMStori apart from the rest.

LIMStori is ISO 17025:2017 Compliant. The software complies with applicable guidelines found in sections 7.1.1, 7.11.3, and 7.11.6 of that standard.

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Latest Technology

LIMStori uses the latest software technologies for optimal performance and top security, such as blockchain and traceability tools.