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Cannabis Industry Services

We support laboratories and manufacturers in the cannabis industry with regulatory compliance, ISO accreditation, state licensing, R&D, and all scientific and technological aspects. Our custom designed services will get your operation up and running at optimal performance.

Custom Work

New in the industry? We evaluate your concept, goals, mission and vision to provide custom solutions that will get you to the standard your team strives to reach, and beyond. We offer a professional branding kit upon client request.

Laboratory Method Validation Support

Stuck with incomplete SOPs and not sure where to go next in your method development process? We have laboratory experts ready to help with design, troubleshooting, statistical aspects, quality assurance and all aspects of laboratory science. Our scientists can author documents and write SOPs, as well as other regulatory compliance documentation and records.


Our engineering team has created a superior ground-up LIMS for the Cannabis laboratory, incorporating our extensive laboratory compliance experience. LIMStori uses state-of-the-art technologies and blockchain approach to present a robust and reliable software application. The LIMS is customized for your lab and licensed on the cloud or on site. Various pricing tiers are available to fit your business.

Business Strategy & Consulting

When you don’t know where to look for reliable information and can’t figure out what’s next, we step in to give you the confidence and credibility you need to impress your clients with your capabilities.

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State-of-the-art technologies and cutting edge solutions.

We exceed industry standards and use only the most trustworthy and reliable tools available to carry out our technical work, ensuring that we propagate quality across processes. We build our own when we can’t find the best.

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Business Strategy
Regulatory Compliance

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